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About David Robinson – Founder of E41 Ministries

Since 1966, Dr. David Robinson has developed his leadership and management skills through a wide range of opportunities and challenges. He has a Bachelors Degree in Applied Theology from Logos Christian College & Seminary in St. Augustine, Florida. He has a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern Seminary in Augusta, Georgia and a PhD from Aidan University in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Robinson is an adjunct Professor for Logos University and Aidan University. He also serves as the Chair of their Clergy/Market Place Ministry coaching and consulting department and represents Logos nationally and internationally.

Accomplishments within the non-profit sector

  • Served as Pastor and/or Associate Pastor for churches in Pennsylvania, New England, and Chicago.
  • Organized and operated two Christian Schools and Day Care Centers.
  • Organized and operated summer camps for children and youth for 32 years.
  • Organized and gave leadership to the Uptown Community Outreach for 20 years.
  • Initiated the founding of New Hope International Church in 1991.
  • Led the 12-year transition of an all white ethnic church to a multi-cultural church congregation of over 30 different countries.
  • Founded and directed City Limits Ministries, Inc., Mission Urban America, and Upward Bound Adventures. All these ministries were designed to train, mentor and empower local urban residents, at-risk children and youth.
  • Organized and managed three-year, two-million dollar rehabbing project of a 153-acre camp for Canaan Land Ministries. This included extensive infra-structure repairs, roads, earthen dam, thirty-five buildings, including three homes, dining hall, recreation/activity building, chapel and Olympic-size swimming pool. The work involved hundreds of volunteers from 17 states who donated 75,000 hours of skilled and non-skilled labor.
  • Served as development consultant for camps in Michigan, Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Alabama.July 2005 assumed a volunteer position of World Missions Director for The Fellowship, a professional association of independent churches, ministers and organizations with 200 missionaries in over 60 nations.

Accomplishments within the business sector

  • Held various positions of management in the wholesale and retail industry. Companies included White Cross Drug Stores, Inc., K-Mart Corporation, and Master Merchandisers, Inc.
  • Owned and managed home-building and remodeling business.
  • Restarted a bankrupt RV Dealership. Under his leadership, sales in year one were 4.3 million; year two, sales increased to 12 million with 25 employees.

David currently serves as a leadership and management Coach for leaders in churches, organizations and the marketplace.  Through his Coaching4Ministers program he is dedicated to coaching people to see their vision become a reality. He travels over 200 days per year in the USA and overseas helping leaders see their vision become a reality.

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